Chair: Sheriff William Bohnyak, Orange Co., VT
Staff Liaison: Chelsea Rider
Chair: Sheriff Mark Dannels, Cochise Co., AZ
Vice Chair: Sheriff Harold Eavenson, Rockwall Co., TX
Staff Liaison: Larry Jay
Constitution and Bylaws Committee
Chair: Sheriff Bill Bohnyak, Orange Co, VT
Vice Chair: Executive Director Steve Casey, FL
Staff Liaison: Tim Woods
Committee of State Sheriffs’ Associations
Chair: Byron Oedekoven, WY (two-year term)
Vice Chair: Jarrod Bruder, SC
Staff Liaison: Tim Woods
Court Security, Transportation of Prisoners, and Civil Process Committee
Chair: Sheriff Hoss Mack, Baldwin Co., AL
Staff Liaison: Mike Brown
Domestic Violence and Crime Victim Services Committee
Chair: Sheriff Kathy Witt, Fayette Co., KY
Vice Chair: Sheriff Vernon Stanforth, Fayette Co., OH
Staff Liaison: Toni Lawrimore
Drug Enforcement Committee
Chair: Sheriff Keith R. Cain, Daviess Co., KY
Vice Chair: Sheriff Mike Milstead, Minnehaha Co., SD
Staff Liaison: Mike Sabol
Education and Awards (including Ferris E. Lucas)
Chair: Sheriff Darren Campbell, Iredell Co., NC
Vice Chair: Sheriff Steven Sparrow, Oldham Co., KY
Staff Liaison: Mike Brown
Emerging Technology and CJIS Committee
Chair: Sheriff (ret.) David Goad, Allegany Co., MD
Vice Chair: Chief Scott Edson, Los Angeles Co., CA
Staff Liaison: Collin Bush
Chair: Sheriff Vernon Stanforth, Fayette Co., OH
Vice Chair: Sheriff Chris Kirk, Brazos Co., TX; Sheriff B.J. Roberts, City of Hampton, VA
Staff Liaison: Loren Hoekstra
Co-Chair: Sheriff Michael Chapman, Loudoun Co., VA
Co-Chair: Sheriff Justin Smith, Larimer Co., CO
Staff Liaison: Erin Lyons
Jail, Detention, and Corrections Committee
Chair: Sheriff Gabe Morgan, Newport News, VA
Vice Chair: Sheriff (ret.) Larry D. Amerson, Calhoun Co., AL
Staff Liaison: Carrie Hill
Legal Affairs Committee
Chair: Sheriff Greg Champagne, St. Charles Parish, LA
Staff Liaison: Carrie Hill
Chair: Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn, Wood Co., OH
Vice Chair: Sheriff Troy Wellman, Moody Co., SD
Staff Liaison: Chelsea Rider
School Safety and Security Committee
Chair: Sheriff William Brueggemann, Cass Co., NE
Vice Chair: Stephen Luce, Indiana Sheriffs' Association
Staff Liaison: Kristi Barksdale
Chair: Sheriff (ret.) John Whetsel, Oklahoma Co., OK
Vice Chair: Sheriff Brad Cole, Christian Co., MO
Staff Liaison: Mike Sabol
Youth Programs and Juvenile Justice Committee
Chair: Sheriff Steven Sparrow, Oldham Co., KY
Vice Chair: Sheriff (ret.) John Layton, Marion Co., IN  
Staff Liaison: Kristi Barksdale