NSA-Endorsed Insurance Programs

At NSA, the goal is to achieve real and positive changes in the way insurance products and services are developed and delivered in support of the nation’s criminal justice community.   We know the importance of the office of sheriff.   With this authority comes great responsibility.   In this increasingly violent and litigious world, sheriffs must be ever mindful of the need for legal protection for every member of their agency.   Your Association is here to help you get the protection that you need and deserve.  

JWF Specialty Company
Subsidiary of Old National Insurance 
NSA has partnered with JWF Specialty Company, of Indianapolis, Indiana since 1990.  JWF serves as the program manager and handles all program underwriting and claims management.   JWF has over twenty years of experience writing public entity business. 

Hunt Insurance Group, LLC
NSA partnered with Hunt Insurance Group, LLC, of Tallahassee, Florida, in 2019. Hunt Insurance provides Catastrophic Inmate Medical Insurance (CIMI), an Inmate Medical Cost Management Program, Court-Ordered Community Service or Inmate Work Release Coverage, and Reserve Deputy Sheriff Coverage.

For more information about NSA-endorsed insurance programs, contact:

Barb Dossey


703-836-7827 - ext. 339