NSA provides training for sheriffs, deputies, chiefs of police and others in the field of criminal justice to perform their jobs in the best possible manner.

The National Command & Staff College

The National Command & Staff College (NCSC), a partnership between the International Academy of Public Safety, the National Sheriffs’ Association, the National Tactical Officers Association and the Center for Police Leadership & Ethics (CPLE) is a blended educational program designed to prepare today’s law enforcement and corrections  leaders to succeed in an ever-changing professional environment, and to effectively meet the challenges of the future.

The college is a dynamic learning experience that uses online, small group, and cohort residency based learning modes to introduce new concepts, refine the student’s understanding of them, and then use those skills to help create law enforcement’s future.  The long-term goal of the NCSC program is to add to the leadership skill sets of each participant; it is also to contribute to the body of knowledge of law enforcement through the completion of significant foresight-based research.

The distinct difference of the NCSC is its shorter residency / away from office time and experts and industry leaders and faculty drawn from a variety of disciplines to create a program with three core anchors of Leadership, Innovation and Foresight as foundations for all specialties.  Graduates of the program will leave with new colleagues, a diverse array of faculty from which the student can continue to consult, and ways to act ahead of change to create an optimistic future for law enforcement and the communities they serve.

  • The Developing Leader  ~ 5 Weeks Online
  • Tactical Leadership ~ 3.5 Weeks Online, 1 Week Residency and Capstone
  • Operational Leadership ~ 4 Weeks Online, 1 Week Residency and Capstone
  • Strategic Leadership ~ 4 Weeks Online, 1 Week Residency and Capstone
  • Command & Staff Leadership for Law Enforcement ~ 5 Weeks Online, 2 Weeks Residency and Capstone
  • Command & Staff Leadership for Corrections ~ 4 Weeks Online, 2 Weeks Residency and Capstone
  • Executive Leadership ~ 4 Weeks Online, 2 Weeks Residency and Capstone
  • The Chief Executive Leadership ~ 1 Week Residency


National Credible Leadership Certification

As a part of NSA's commitment to provide innovative, relevant educational opportunities and in an effort to address the need expressed by so many Sheriffs throughout the country regarding affordable, comprehensive and sustainable leadership education, NSA is pleased to partner with the National Command & Staff College to offer the Emerging Leaders National Credible Leadership Certificate.

The Emerging Leaders Certification is a 5-week, self-paced, online educational course with over 9 million hours of proven history in law enforcement and corrections. The course is broken down into four modules:

  • Leadership Foundations & Principles
  • Leadership Theories & Practices
  • Leadership Application & Advancement
  • Leadership Competency & Mastery