Awards & Service Medals

Applications for all awards must be postmarked by December 15, 2024, unless noted otherwise

NSA Award Nominations



Applications for the 2025 Awards must be submitted online by December 15, 2024, unless otherwise noted. 


Applications for Service Medals can be submitted at any time. Allow 30 days for staff review and approval. Medals will ship to the Sheriffs attention. 


For more information contact Julie Ann Schmidt at 763.267.3836.


The National Sheriffs' Association annually presents eleven prestigious awards, recognizing outstanding achievements. Applications for these awards are accepted until December 15 of the given year. Following the application period, award winners are selected in February of the subsequent year. Sponsored awards are presented at the NSA Annual Conference Award Lunch in June. The award winner, and spouse, of a sponsored award will have their travel* covered to attend the conference to recieve the award. Non-sponsored award winners will be given the choice to have thier awards shipped to them or to attend the conference at their expense and recieve the award at the Awards Lunch.

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Service Medals

NSA also issues three different Service Medals; The Medal of Valor, The Medal of Merit, and The Purple Heart Medal. This Service Medals are issued as nominated and approved. The medals will be sent to the Sheriffs Office to be presented by the Sheriff.

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Contact Information

For more information contact Julie Ann Schmidt at 763.267.3836

For questions or issues with the form please contract Sofie Roskin 919.452.9695

For questions regarding the Crime Victim Services Award only please contact Jessica Vanderpool 703.838.5303