Certifications & Trainings


Court and Judicial Security Certification

With the increased pressure in the courts to provide security for your judges and all who pass through your courthouse doors, your staff needs to be well trained.  NSA, in cooperation with the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) Corrections Academy, provides training opportunities and professional designation for your staff in five levels.

Jail Certification

NSA, in cooperation with the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) Corrections Academy, has created the Jail Certification Program to provide professional designation to jail officers, supervisors, administrators and sheriffs who possess the requisite understanding, knowledge, skills, experience and abilities to function to the level of their achieved certification.

Homeland Security Certification

The National Sheriffs’ Association in partnership with the National Domestic Preparedness Coalition (NDPCI) offers two certification programs, the Certified Homeland Protection Professional (CHPP) and Certified Homeland Protection Associate (CHPA).

Leadership Certification

As a part of NSA's commitment to provide innovative, relevant educational opportunities and in an effort to address the need expressed by so many Sheriffs throughout the country regarding affordable, comprehensive and sustainable leadership education, NSA is pleased to partner with the International Academy of Public Safety (IAPS) to develop the online NSA Institute for Credible Leadership Development which offers two certifications, the Credible Law Enforcement Organization (CLO) Certification and the Certified Credible Leader (CCL) Certification.

Criminal Investigator Certificate

The NSA has partnered with Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) to provide Law Enforcement Professionals with a nationally recognized standalone certificate for Criminal Investigators.  This certificate indicates that you have advanced your knowledge and skills related to your profession.


Court Security Training

NSA has long provided education for maintaining courthouse security and guarding the courthouse workgroup, citizens and users of the judicial system.

Domestic Violence Training for Communications Professionals (Dispatchers/Call Takers)

This training for dispatchers, call takers, and other emergency services telecommunication professionals teaches contemporary concepts of domestic violence intervention and investigation.

Institute for Credible Leadership Development

NSA and the International Academy of Public Safety (IAPS) provide online leadership education for sheriffs and their staff through the Institute for Credible Leadership Development.

Jail Correspondence Training Programs

Correspondence courses are available for both the jail officer and jail supervisor. Through independent study, participants learn about what is needed to carry out their duties.

Jail Evacuation Training

The Jail Evacuation programs, originally developed by the NSA through a cooperative agreement funded by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), provide an overview of primary topic areas that sheriffs and jail commanders can utilize to determine the status of their current jail evacuation plan.

Law Enforcement Training: "Domestic Violence Intervention and Investigation"

This training for members of law enforcement, criminal justice, advocacy agencies, and other community organizations involved with domestic violence prevention and awareness will teach the participant about liability, the dynamics of domestic violence, investigation and interviewing, prosecuting domestic violence cases, and solutions and resource development.

National Command & Staff College

The National Command & Staff College (NCSC), a partnership between the International Academy of Public Safety (IAPS), the NSA, the National Tactical Officers Association and the Center for Police Leadership & Ethics (CPLE) is a dynamic learning experience that uses online, small group, and cohort residency based learning modes to add to the leadership skill sets of each participant.

Operations Based Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessment

The “Operations Based Threat, Risk, and Vulnerability Assessment” (OpBTRVA) is a comprehensive assessment that defines a community, evaluates a community’s strengths and weaknesses, identifies critical infrastructure and key resources, identifies the threats to the community from an all hazard perspective, identifies and prioritizes Critical Infrastructure / Key Resources (CI/KR) and provides a comprehensive vulnerability assessment.

Tourist-Oriented Policing for Community Order, Protection and Safety (TOP-COPS Training)

Tourism is big business for many cities, towns, and counties. Communities that depend on tourism must have law enforcement officers that are specially trained on preventing and fighting crimes in their tourism areas.

School Based Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

The “School Based Threat, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment” (SBTRVA) Training was developed to assist campus security, school administration, staff and employees, responders from all emergency response disciplines including; Law Enforcement; Fire Service, Emergency Medical, Emergency Management, and the private sector, to understand and complete threat, risk, and vulnerability assessments of schools and use the information gathered in the assessments to ensure that their schools are safe and secure.