Traffic Safety

NSA’s Traffic Safety department has the duty to address ongoing traffic safety issues and facilitate traffic safety program implementation by providing technical assistance, education, resources, and general support to the Office of Sheriff.

See NSA's Guide on implementing and strengthening your traffic safety program by clicking here.

The NSA Traffic Safety Committee (TSC) recently completed a roll call video to remind law enforcement officers that traffic enforcement is critical to saving lives every day. With support from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Jay Leno, TSC Chair, Sheriff (ret) John Whetsel, Dale Stockton from Below 100, and several sheriffs from across the country helped to produce this video. All law enforcement can use this resource to support the prevention of crashes, injuries, and fatalities in their communities and within their own agency.

Traffic Safety Committee

As part of our department’s work, NSA utilizes a Traffic Safety Committee to distribute and promote materials and to provide recommended procedures for traffic safety implementation among its membership. This Committee’s plan is supported by a monthly e-newsletter, Traffic Stop, and the provision of articles, updates, and other website resources.


Traffic Safety Partner

NSA, with support from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), assists in developing traffic safety plans that target NHTSA’s national traffic safety priority issues. Click on NHTSA Campaigns for a list of supported initiatives. 

NSA also supports technology and training seminars to familiarize state, county, tribal, and local highway safety and law enforcement officials with current countermeasures related to:

For questions about NSA’s Traffic Safety Committee and initiatives, contact:

Candace Hill
Project Manager, Traffic Safety
800.424.7827 ext. 354