Traffic Safety

NSA’s traffic safety department has the duty to perpetuate traffic safety issues, facilitate traffic safety program implementation, provide technical assistance to the office of sheriff and other agencies, and offer general support to the Office of Sheriff and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) staff in developing traffic safety plans that target NHTSA’s national traffic safety priority issues.
NSA also promotes NHTSA traffic safety campaigns. NSA and NHTSA sponsor technology and training seminars to familiarize state, county, tribal, and local highway safety and law enforcement officials with current countermeasures related to alcohol and other drugs; occupant protection; speed and aggressive driving; motor vehicle and driver control issues; dangerous driving behaviors; policies and procedures; older driver issues; distracted driving issues; and other traffic safety issues.


National Sheriffs’ Association General Letter of Support for Ridesharing

Ridesharing plays a critical role in the everyday lives of people by increasing access to safe, affordable, and reliable transportation.  These ridesharing services are changing the way people travel in their community and improving public safety.
This is why the NSA has partnered with the ridesharing company Lyft and why we strongly encourage ridesharing.  Lyft serves over 6 million riders each week in 300+ American cities.  Lyft is also dedicated to making a positive impact on roadway safety and improving the quality of life in communities.

GAO Report on Truck Underride Crashes

A truck underride crash occurs when a car slides under a large truck, like a tractor-trailer. The car's passenger compartment can be crushed, potentially killing or severely injuring occupants. Researchers told us that underride crashes likely happen more often than the Department of Transportation's data suggests.
DOT requires trailers to have a rear safety bar—known as an underride guard—to prevent underride crashes, but it doesn’t require them to be inspected. DOT also hasn’t researched challenges to using underride guards on the sides of trucks.
The GAO made 4 recommendations, including that DOT improve data and research the use of side guards. Learn more >>>

News & Resources

There are several awards available for traffic safety professionals. Click here to see these great opportunities for recognition.

The National Sheriffs’ Association and the NSA Traffic Safety Committee are working to raise awareness on the issue of Human Trafficking.  These victims are frequently living in or are passed through our communities without our knowledge and missed opportunities for interdiction have been well documented.  Law enforcement agencies have a critical role to play in anti-human trafficking efforts.  Law enforcement personnel may come into contact with victims of human trafficking in many situations. Whether responding law enforcement agents identify victims during a crisis call, routine traffic stop, or during a long-term investigation, they are in a position to protect and assist victims of trafficking as well as bring traffickers to justice.

Click here to view various model policies from across the country dealing with traffic safety issues.

Click here to view the archived Traffic Safety Newsletters as well as a plethora of other useful resources.

The Traffic Safety Committee is charged with the responsibility of studying, considering, evaluating, analyzing, and reporting on to the Executive Committee and Membership all matters of law enforcement policy, standards, practice and procedures relating to traffic safety and all proposed legislation relating to traffic safety services affecting Sheriffs. Click here for more information about the committee.

A map showing traffic safety participation by sheriffs' offices.

For more information about our traffic safety programs, contact:

Mike Sabol
Program Manager, Traffic Safety