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The publications department is responsible for production of the bimonthly Sheriff & Deputy magazine, a number of recurring annual publications, brochures, and other print products for NSA as needed.


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Report on Rape in Jails in the U.S.

Based On Public Hearings and Review Of Documentary Evidence By The Review Panel On Prison Rape 

More Mentally Ill Persons Are in Jails and Prisons Than Hospitals

In the United States there are now more than three times more seriously mentally ill persons in jails and prisons than in hospitals.

Jail Info Model

The Jail Information Model is a new process designed to cultivate jail-based information about internal and external safety and security issues, and to disseminate it to the appropriate offices or agencies in order to solve or prevent crimes and improve public safety.

TOP-COPS Training

Tourist-oriented policing for community order, protection, and safety.

Code of Ethics of the Office of Sheriff

The code of ethics outlines the mission and values of the office of sheriff and the ethical principles to which the sheriff is held.

Serving Survivors of Homicide Victims During Cold Case Investigations

A Guide for Developing a Law Enforcement Protocol

Continuity of Operations Planning for Sheriffs Final Report

In order to ensure that all of the nation’s Sheriffs and their key partners have functional, all hazards Continuity of Operations plans, the NSA has developed this multi-faceted process that includes both the Continuity of Operations Planning for Sheriffs: Preparation and Reference Guide and the Continuity of Operations Planning for Sheriffs Planner’s Workbook: Pandemic Version.

Courthouse Violence in 2010-2012 - Lessons Learned

This publication reflects first-hand knowledge, compiled into practical guidelines that will be a valuable resource to judges, law enforcement officers, and court administrators throughout the country.

A Brief History of Court Security