Western Sheriffs Address Situation In Harney County Oregon

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


The Western States Sheriffs’ Association represents over 800 Sheriffs across 15 western states.  Our mission is to promote the office of Sheriff and to assist our member Sheriffs on issues of mutual concern.

The WSSA has watched, with great interest, the events that have unfolded in Harney County Oregon over the past several days.

WSSA leadership has communicated with law enforcement leaders in Oregon and with those who are on the ground working to secure a peaceful and safe community for the law-abiding citizens in Harney County.

The WSSA stands ready to provide assistance to Sheriff David Ward and the incident Command team if requested.  Should a request be made, WSSA will reach out to the Western States Sheriffs in order to secure the necessary and needed resources.

The membership of the WSSA firmly believes we are a nation that recognizes the Rule of Law.  Sheriffs are charged with enforcing those laws.

The WSSA also believes it is incumbent on all citizens and local elected officials to respect and utilize the mechanisms that have been established to affect change in the laws of our nation.

Furthermore, the WSSA does not support efforts of any individual or groups who utilize intimidation, threats or fear in order to further an agenda. 

The membership of the WSSA is hopeful for a peaceful end to the situation in Harney County Oregon and stands prepared to assist if requested.