Traffic Safety Committee

NSA’s Traffic Safety Committee has the duty to perpetuate traffic safety issues, facilitate traffic safety program implementation, provide technical assistance to the office of sheriff and other agencies, and offer general support to the Office of Sheriff and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) staff in developing traffic safety plans that target NHTSA’s national traffic safety priority issues.

These include: 1) initiate special studies under the general plan of the NSA Traffic Safety Committee and produce draft resolutions; and 2) develop guidelines and programs for law enforcement agencies. The purpose of this plan is to gain appropriate feedback from NSA membership and to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the traffic safety program. NSA’s Traffic Safety Committee distributes and promotes materials and provides recommended procedures for traffic safety implementation among its membership. This plan is supported by a monthly e-newsletter on traffic safety issues, articles, updates, and website information provided at
Additionally, NSA is working with three states to incorporate occupant restraint and speed enforcement, messaging, and education into sheriff’s offices within their state. NSA’s purpose on this grant is to work closely with NHTSA staff, NHTSA regional staff, and individual state sheriffs’ associations to identify the level of occupant protection and speed support in the targeted state. The Traffic Safety Committee focuses on the need for local sheriff’s agencies and deputies to participate in matters relating to occupant protection and speed and has solicited NHTSA’s assistance in promoting an identified level of support from sheriffs’ associations in these targeted states.  The targeted states will create a community specific program that will identify and build upon the unique characteristics of the office of sheriff focusing on outreach, enforcement, and education as it pertains to occupant protection and speed.  From these efforts, model policy, model outreach successes and demonstrable change will be documented and disseminated to all sheriff’s offices.
Finally, NSA and NHTSA are utilizing NSA resources and a Traffic Safety Subcommittee to identify and target outreach measures to promote traffic safety visibility within the office of sheriff by identifying and building upon the unique characteristics of the office of sheriff.  The subcommittee is identifying key elements of outreach for implementation by the NSA Traffic Safety Committee.

For more information, contact:

Mike Sabol
Program Manager, Traffic Safety