Monday, May 9, 2022

Alexandria, VA – The National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) sent a letter today to Governor Doug Ducey of the State of Arizona, applauding his “leadership, and the 26 Governors across the United States, in establishing the American Governors’ Border Strike Force.”

In the letter, signed by NSA President Vernon Stanforth and NSA Executive Director/CEO Jonathan Thompson, they spoke of the border crisis as “a national security crisis, a humanitarian crisis, and a public health crisis.” They also expressed their hope that the Strike Force “will generate the leverage needed to target the cartels” by “increasing collaboration amongst all levels of government; improving intelligence gathering and investing in analysis; targeting human smugglers and traffickers; and stopping the flow of illicit drugs across the border and into America’s local communities.”

Sheriff Mark Dannels of Cochise County, AZ, who is President of the Arizona Sheriff’s Association (ASA), as well as Chairman of the NSA Border Security Committee, has also sent a letter on behalf of the ASA to Governor Ducey, co-signed by Pinal County, AZ, Sheriff and ASA Vice President Mark Lamb. The ASA letter thanked the Governor for his “leadership in bringing 26 States to the table to address this nationwide issue and working collaboratively with local law enforcement to secure our southern border.”

Both the ASA and NSA letters, respectively, pledged to Governor Ducey that the Arizona Sheriffs and all of America’s Sheriffs stand ready to enforce the Rule of Law and protect our nation.  

Download PDF of Letter