Photo Contest



Who May Enter:

Entries must come from active employees of a sheriff's office. You do not need to be an NSA member to participate!

How to Enter:

Please ensure all required fields are completed. 

There are six categories - you may submit photos in different categories. Please limit your entries to one photo per category, per agency. 

  1. Sheriffs: The focal point of these images must be the sheriff; these should be candid shots and not the sheriff's official headshot/photo. 
  2. Jails, Corrections, Detention: These images should clearly depict a sheriff or deputy working in a correctional setting; while incarcerated individuals may be in the photos, please ensure you have their permission or that they are blurred from the image. Also, the incarcerated individual must not be the focal point of the image.
  3. Court Security: These images should showcase a sheriff's office's work in dealing with court security. The focus of these images should be the sheriff or deputy. 
  4. K9s: Images in this category should be candid shots of a sheriff's office's K9, with or without the dog's handler. These should not be official photos of the dogs. 
  5. Patrol: The subject of these photos candid images of deputies or other sheriff's office personnel working in patrol operations, or images of patrol vehicles. 
  6. Miscellaneous: Images in this category may or may not fall into one of the above categories; they can include things like images from a memorial service, community projects, interesting crime scene investigations (although gore should be kept to a minimum), touching animal or child rescues, or other imagery. 

Please avoid the use of too many filters or special effects, except to blur non-sheriff's office personnel, minors, incarecerated individuals, etc. 

Entries can also be emailed to Chelsea Rider at, please be sure to include the information requested below.

Please submit a high-resolution photograph (300dpi) and omit any watermarks or descriptive text.
Files must be less than 8 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png eps tif.
Please include a caption that gives the photograph context. Let us know what the photo is showing and the story behind the image.