America's Sheriffs Get Inspired!

Friday, November 20, 2020

The National Sheriffs’ Association is proud to announce the creation of the National Sheriffs’ Association Information Technology Program in partnership with Inspired Technologies, Inc.

NSA created the Information Technology (IT) Program to assist Sheriffs’ offices that need IT support tailored specifically for the county law enforcement organization. Offerings scale from complimentary and augmentation of existing IT staff, to complete outsourcing of the IT environment.

This program will allow all 3000+ of our nation's Sheriffs to utilize Inspired Technologies for IT support, services, and solutions.

“We are excited to partner with Inspired Technologies to offer this program  to  Sheriffs. This Information Technology Program will help our Sheriffs keep up with changing technology and CJIS requirements, find and retain staff, provide disaster recovery   and much more. These are big issues Sheriffs face today and NSA is happy to partner with Inspired Technologies to help solve them,” stated  Jonathan  Thompson, Executive Director of the National Sheriffs’ Association.

“We are honored to partner with the NSA to deliver a program like this to America's Sheriffs,” explained Craig Goodson, CEO of Inspired Technologies, Inc. “We understand the need for technology and the rapid rate in which it is changing. Knowing the specific IT requirements that our Law Enforcement Agencies are faced with today puts Inspired Technologies in a unique position to help. And, that's what this program intends to achieve.”

Inspired Technologies and NSA will be rolling this program out to Sheriffs over the coming year and hope to see widespread implementation and the ability for interoperability of law enforcement offices across the nation.

Contact Zack Dunlap at Inspired Technologies for more information:

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