Sheriffs plead for federal crime crackdown: Why aren't roaming criminal groups 'domestic terrorists?'

Vernon Stanforth, a sheriff in Fayette County, Ohio and president of the National Sheriffs' Association, called for more federal funding for law enforcement as crime continues to rise across the country. On "Fox & Friends," he said that smash-and-grab robberies that are plaguing liberal cities and retail stores could be stopped with harsher penalties.

VERNON STANFORTH: If they can make the Harper Valley PTA mom a domestic terrorist, then why can't they determine that these roaming criminal groups, retail criminal groups are not domestic terrorists as well? And put the power of the federal government behind these individuals so when they're caught, they face stiff penalties. And if they use a gun, that's even stiffer. They don't get bail, they stay in jail, and the penalty and the consequences would be off the chart. That will stop a lot of that activity.