National Message to Sheriffs regarding Response to Coronavirus

The National Sheriffs' Association (NSA) has activated a law enforcement/corrections emergency coordination and information sharing program to support Sheriffs' Offices in responding to the COVID19. We have brought together national health and operational experts to offer advice to Sheriffs on practices and procedures for patrol and jail operations during this emergency. Finally, during the emergency, we must be even more vigilant in monitoring the safety, health, and well-being of your employees as first responders are our most vital resource in getting through this successfully.

As part of NSA's emergency coordination and information sharing program, we are working with affiliated law enforcement/public health organizations and the Federal Government to detail preventive and responsive measures to the COVID19 as options for your Office to consider depending on your needs. This information is posted, and continuously being updated, at

NSA is also identifying equipment and supply shortages. Please contact your State Sheriffs' Association (SSA), or NSA directly, to provide continuous updates on any protective or other supply shortages you may have so that we can assist with conveying your needs immediately to the appropriate agencies and assist with meeting those needs ASAP. NSA is working directly with the Department of Health & Human Services' Strategic National Stockpile team to assist high priority needs. There are serious backlogs of personal protective equipment, masks, gloves and other items. Where supplies can be offered for high priority locations, NSA will do everything possible to meet the needs.

In addition, NSA is in constant communication with Steve Casey, Executive Director, Florida Sheriffs Association, as our primary POC for the SSA's as a whole. Weekly calls have been implemented to survey nationwide needs and strategically support your requests. In that regard, we are also advising our Federal partners on the immediate need to streamline access to funds.

Finally, NSA is in constant communication with the Administration to advise on the impact of this virus on local law enforcement and the resources that Sheriffs/Jail Administrators need to immediately begin managing the public safety/health risks going forward.

If you are not getting the resources you need or answers to the questions you have, tell us! NSA will bring your needs to the attention of the Administration immediately and try our best to get you results.