NSA All Sheriffs' Authority Releases Mental Health Report and Recommendations

The National Sheriffs' Association's All Sheriffs' Authority is a collaborative effort to study and respond to issues and challenges facing the nation's sheriffs. Members of the All Sheriffs' Authority were convened from urban and rural areas and presented diverse perspectives on how the mental health crisis is manifested in their respective communities. The sheriffs articulated their unique challenges, concerns, needs, and current efforts in response to the crisis.

The consensus of the meeting was clear: The federal government must address the issues that contribute to individuals committing criminal acts, including mental illness, substance use and co-occurring disorders. The nation's sheriffs are committed to using their unique role to advocate for increased mental health treatment and other necessary support services. Because sheriffs are elected officers, sworn to uphold the Constitution, they bring a unique capacity to address this crisis. As the chief law enforcement officers in their communities, sheriffs have the capacity, drive, leadership skills, and ability to convene, and authority to develop, realistic and solution-based programs to address the mental health challenges. 

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