Governor Ron DeSantis offers Assistance to Sheriffs in Texas and Arizona

Governor Ron DeSantis offers assistance to Sheriffs in Texas and Arizona:  Cartel smuggling continues to overwhelm the southern border.

Echoes Sheriffs call for commitment from all states and elected officials to support Law Enforcement


Yesterday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis visited one of the most dangerous hot-spots for smuggling along the United States’ southern border, Cochise County, Arizona. The Governor’s presence in Cochise County is the result of the February 9, 2023 call from the Nation’s sheriffs for action and assistance along the US southern border. He saw a community burdened by an unsecure border and smugglers racing through small towns in the desert to deliver drugs and people to the interior of the nation, increasing the presence of violent crime and drug trafficking, making every town in our nation a border town.  


Last month, under the leadership of Governor Greg Abbott, Texas requested assistance from every state in an effort to lend support and protection to our southern border. While there has been some supportive response from governors and other elected leaders across the country and political spectrum, the lack of resources for local law enforcement agencies remain unnoticed by the current Administration. Without support from the current Administration, and with thousands of continuing daily encounters, local law enforcement agencies and governments struggle to protect our communities and enforce the rule of law.