American Borders Under Siege: Beyond the Breaking Point with No End in Sight to Massive Migration as 650,000 in Mexico Seek to Cross Illegally

The National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) released the following statement from NSA President Sheriff Greg Champagne (St. Charles Parish, LA) in response to the lifting of Title 42 today.

The Sheriffs of America are fed up with the Biden Administration's failed strategy to address the ongoing border surge of illegal immigration. Millions upon millions of immigrants flooding into the United States is unsustainable from both a security and an economic standpoint. This policy is making all Americans less safe and is ignoring the Rule of Law.

Our border communities are already overwhelmed and now preparing for an even greater influx of migrants this week. In 2021, Federal lCE agents received stand-down orders and, coupled with moderating border security action, this became an open invitation to anyone seeking entry into the US. That policy must be reversed.

Local law enforcement agencies and governments continue to lack the resources to secure our border communities and to protect those coming into the country. Despite this humanitarian crisis, the Administration has yet to create a single disincentive to prohibit migrants from coming to the U.S. In fact, the Administration is doing the opposite through its rhetoric of a closed border and limited interior enforcement. The message is clear in the results we are experiencing today: “It is okay to come.” This rhetoric must change.

Words and action must be forthcoming immediately from the Administration to dissuade anyone seeking to cross the border. In addition to the millions of immigrants, hundreds of thousands of "got-aways" are sneaking in, overwhelming communities. In 2022 alone, there were 1.4 million "got-aways." They have little fear of being captured. Now, more than ever, interior enforcement needs to be re-evaluated.