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Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in Older Adults
April 14, 2015

This program will provide critical information to build awareness among community justice professionals and the public regarding this growing, yet still often hidden, problem. It also will provide strategies for responding to older victims of domestic violence.

Radicalization and the Jail Information System
March 31, 2015

This presentation discussed prisoner radicalization in our nation’s jails and the use of the Jail Information System to obtain useful information which can lead to prevention of criminal and terrorist activities.  In the past this information collection and dissemination model has been successfully utilized to prevent or intervene in offenses ranging from terrorist attacks to robberies and weapons offenses to assassination attempts.

PREA in 2015: The Latest on PREA Implementation and the PREA Audit
March 10, 2015

Here are some helpful resource links:

Curricula page  (scroll down to see the inmate education link)

PREA: The Law or Voluntary Standards?
February 04, 2015

NSA’s Center for Public Safety, Institute for Jail Operations will look at the DOJ PREA standards from a legal-based perspective to provide agencies information to make informed decisions on policy, procedures and training to run constitutionally safe jails. 

Neighborhood Watch Now Overview
November 19, 2014