NLECAA Resources

Law Enforcement/Dog Encounters

Dog Encounter Handbook (Manual Básico de Intervención Policial en Incidentes con Perros)

State Animal Cruelty Laws

State Anti-Cruelty Laws (updated 2010)


Animal Cruelty and Neglect


Animal Fighting



Domestic Violence and Animal Cruelty

American Humane Association: Expanding Protective Orders to Include Companion Animals (PDF)

Animal Welfare Institute: Maltreated Children and Animals in the Home; Guidelines for Practice and Policy (PDF)

Animal Welfare Institute: Protecting Domestic Violence Victims by Protecting Their Pets (PDF)

Animal Welfare Institute’s Safe Havens Mapping Project

Colorado Humane Society and SPCA; The Link Between animal Abuse and Human Violence—Colorado Link Project

The Humane Society: The Violence Connection (PDF)

National Center for Prosecution of Animal Abuse: The Link between Violence to Animals and People (PDF)

The National Children’s Advocacy Center, Free Online Trainings

  • Caught in the Crossfire: How the Abuse of Animals Co-occurs with Family Violence
  • Recognizing Violence as a Household Pattern - Overlap of Intimate Partner Violence, Child Abuse, and Animal Abuse

Representing Domestic Violence Survivors with Pets in the District of Columbia, Maryland & Virginia (PDF)

spcaLA; Serial Killers and Animal Abuse




Housing/Care of Animal Victims


Juvenile Offenders


Puppy Mills


Veterinary Issues