Calendar of events

January 25, 2018 WEBINAR

The topics to be discussed will be based upon actual experiences teaching the “School Based Threat, Risk & Vulnerability Assessments” course with various educators and first responder agencies throughout the country, including:

  • Blending the cultures of schools and first
  • ...

January 31, 2018 WEBINAR

How suits work, federal and state court venues, theories used to sue such as intentional tort, 1983, negligence, defenses to liability, what discovery is and how it works, dismissals, settlements and trials.

Presenter: Rick Hodsdon, esq., General Counsel, Minnesota...

February 8, 2018 WEBINAR

Looking for alternative means to fund your technology projects? Join us in this fast-paced webinar as we discuss the landscape of public safety grants, current priorities, examples of funded projects, and tips for writing a successful proposal.

Presenters: Michael Paddock...

February 10, 2018 to February 13, 2018 EVENT
Location: Washington, DC

February 21, 2018 WEBINAR

Presenter: Carrie Hill, esq., Director, NCJO

February 22, 2018 to February 23, 2018 TRAINING

February 22-23, 2018
Thursday, February 22nd: 8:00 – 5:00
Friday, February 23rd: 8:00 – 12:45

Host Agency: Washington County Sheriff's Office

Training Site: WCSO, 215 SW Adams St. Hillsboro Oregon 97123


Location: 215 SW Adams St. Hillsboro Oregon 97123

February 22, 2018 WEBINAR

How Lyft and law enforcement can partner to accelerate the safety benefits of app-based ridesharing.

Presenters: Tommy Hayes, Policy Partnerships Manager, Lyft, San Francisco, CA and Ed Hutchison, Director of Traffic Safety, Triad, and Officer Safety, National Sheriffs'...

February 28, 2018 WEBINAR

Federal employment discrimination under Title VII and its key concepts such as protected class, BFOQ, religious discrimination and reasonable accommodation issues, adverse impact and adverse intent discrimination, remedies for violations and liability reduction ideas.


March 8, 2018 WEBINAR

Peer Support provides a way for employees and their family members to confidentially talk about personal and professional problems with specially trained co-workers who understand and want to help. This webinar is designed to raise awareness and emphasize the importance of peer support programs...

March 14, 2018 WEBINAR

Presenter: Carrie Hill, esq., Director, NCJO