Court Security Resources

NSA provides resources to help with your court security issues.  Check back regularly for more information.

The Emergency Procedures Manual for Court Employees: "What do I do if…?"

This manual, provided by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office in Kentucky, is designed to answer the question, "What do I do if…?" should an emergency situation occur. 


Continuity of Operations Planning for Sheriffs Final Report

In order to ensure that all of the nation’s Sheriffs and their key partners have functional, all hazards Continuity of Operations plans, the NSA has developed this multi-faceted process that includes both the Continuity of Operations Planning for Sheriffs: Preparation and Reference Guide and the Continuity of Operations Planning for Sheriffs Planner’s Workbook: Pandemic Version.


Defusing the Risk to Judicial Officials: The Contemporary Threat Management Process

Written by Frederick S. Calhoun and Stephen W. Weston.  Learn how contemporary threat management for judicial security offers the best way for law enforcement to respond to reports of inappropriate or suspicious behaviors and defuse the risk from desperate individuals.  Document is $15.00 per copy and will be emailed in a PDF format. 



Court Security Resource Guide

A practical guide to the practices, procedures and resources available for those providing court security. The document is $25.00 per copy and will be emailed in a PDF format.




Courthouse Violence in 2010-2012 - Lessons Learned (pdf)

A Brief History of Court Security

Court Security and Transportation of Prisoners