School Safety Committee

In 2018, then-NSA President Sheriff John Layton approved the establishment of a School Safety and Security Committee. The Committee held its first meeting at the 2019 NSA Winter Conference in Washington, DC.

Sheriff William Brueggemann
Cass County, NE

Committee Chair

Mr. Stephen Luce
Indiana Sheriffs' Association

Committee Vice Chair

Committee Members as of June 2020

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Sheriff James Allard
Steuben County, NY

Sheriff Ken Briley
Grundy County, IL

Sheriff Tim Fuller
Franklin County, TN

Sheriff Danny Glick
Laramie County, WY

Sheriff Todd Hood
Madison County, NY

Sheriff Charles Jenkins
Frederick County, MD

Sheriff Grady Judd
Polk County, FL

Major James Klopovic
IAPS Criminal Justice Commission for Credible Leadership Development

Sheriff Scott Mascher
Yavapai County, AZ

Sheriff Lenny Millholland
Frederick County, VA

Mark Porter
Ohio Attorney General's Office

Sheriff David Reynolds
Porter County, IN

Ms. April Rhodes
Spectrum Healthcare

Deputy/SRO Rob Rush
Tippecanoe County, IN

Mr. Max Schachter
Safe Schools for Alex

Mr. Rick Shaw

Mr. Steve Tarani
Certified Safe Schools, LLC

Sheriff Barry Virts
Wayne County, NY

Staff Liaison: Kristi Barksdale