Livestream 911 Calls Directly to First Responders for Improved Situational Awareness and Faster Response Times [Sponsored by HigherGround, Inc.]

October 21, 2020
3:00pm - 4:00pm

New technology that securely livestreams 911 emergency calls directly to officers in the field is making an impact on the public safety of communities across the country.  With Live911 software, patrol officers can monitor incoming 911 calls in real-time for their immediate area.  The software allows first responders to hear the caller’s urgency and small details that may not be entered into the CAD system as well as identify on a map the caller’s precise location prior to the call for service being dispatched.

The current national conversation is focusing on how officers can make better decisions and improve de-escalation skills.  Live911 is a law enforcement’s potential game-changer for responding to 911 calls.

Join retired Captain Fritz Reber and Lieutenant Don Redmond to discuss:

  • A history of incidents where this technology may have been useful
  • How this technology was imagined, created, and tested
  • Live911 deployments benefiting sheriff’s offices and police departments
  • Real-world examples of reduced response times and increased situational awareness


Lieutenant Don Redmond began his law enforcement career with the Chula Vista Police Department in 1996. During his 24 years in law enforcement, Lt. Redmond has worked various assignments including Patrol, Traffic, SWAT, Professional Standards, Watch Commander, Community Policing Commander, Emergency 9-1-1 Communications Center Manager, and Jail Commander. Currently, Lt. Redmond is the Adjutant Lieutenant overseeing UAS (Drone) Operations and special projects including the implementation of Live911.\

William “Fritz” Reber retired as a Captain from the Chula Vista Police Department in May of 2018. He has 27 years of law enforcement experience, leaving the San Diego area agency as the Patrol Operations Commander, the #2 position in the department. Live911 is the innovative technology resulting from his vision for closing the gap between call taker to first responder by allowing officers to immediately hear incoming 911 emergency calls in their geographical area.