How Public Safety Can Utilize LTE During Planned Events

September 22, 2020
1:00pm - 2:00pm

During planned events where there are gatherings of people, citizens depend on local public safety officers for a safe environment.  Access to LTE allows responders to use mission-critical applications and devices while relying on constant communication in the chance that an emergency should occur.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How access to LTE offers steadfast communication between an array of agencies
  • How connectivity is essential for technologies such as mobile command units, surveillance and body cameras, GPS, radios, and in-vehicle devices – allowing for immediate response
  • How centrally managed wireless solutions give public safety an easier to manage and cost-effective network


Jason Johnston is a Senior Enterprise Support Engineer, Mobile Specialist for Cradlepiont. Previously, Jason worked for a municipality on assignment to design, deploy, and maintain a mobile data terminal (MDT) solution for both police and fire.

Michael Fletcher is the Public Sector/Public Safety Manager – dedicated to promoting Cradlepoint solutions to First Responder agencies across the US.

Michael has approximately 21 years as a First Responder – his love for public safety and service began in high school as a Police Explorer. His public sector experience encompasses 3 Years as a Volunteer Firefighter for San Bernardino County, 3 years as an ETM on a busy Ambulance Rig in Orange County, CA and lastly – his real passion – Michael served as a Deputy Sheriff for San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department for 15 years. Duty assignments included Corrections, Patrol, Traffic Accident Investigation, Media Relations and Public Affairs, and Training.

He currently holds membership to the National Sheriff’s Association, International Public Safety Association, Inc, and the Public Safety Broadband Technology Association. Michael has previously held membership with the California Sheriff’s Association.

While assigned to Public affairs within the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, he developed and initiated the Crime-Free Multi-Housing Program – a community oriented policing program adopted from Mesa, Arizona. Michael then developed a Train-the-Trainer Course and then taught it to agencies throughout California.

He has been awarded the Sheriff’s Medal of Meritorious Service and the Sheriff’s Life Saving award. He was honored as a Deputy of the Year for his dedication to Community Service.