Good News or Bad News – The New FCC Rulemaking on Inmate Calling Services, Rates and Revenue-Share [SPONSORED]

September 1, 2021
3:00pm - 4:15pm

The FCC’s most recent rulemaking regarding Inmate Calling Services (‘ICS’) was finalized on August 1st, 2021. This new rulemaking brings several important changes in how Inmate Telephone Providers can administer their service, including new ‘caps’ on calling rates and ancillary fees, but fortunately chose not to regulate commission payments that are mandated by local or state government.  We will help you understand the ruling and how to minimize any impact to your budgets.


Bill Pope is the President and co-owner of NCIC Inmate Communications based in Longview, Texas. The largest employee-owned inmate telephone provider in the United States, NCIC operates in 9 countries and is celebrating 25 years in business, this year. A pioneer of the inmate telephone industry, Bill has not only remained at the forefront of technical innovation for secure inmate communications, but has also been heavily involved in regulatory efforts stretching back to 2013 when he contributed to the formulation of fair ICS regulations with the FCC and the Alabama Public Service Commission. Bill has advocated heavily not only for capping calling rates (and fees) at fair and reasonable rates, but also for protecting the rights of correctional agencies to receive a return (commissions) from their Inmate Communications Agreements.

Craig Storer is the Director of Marketing for NCIC Inmate Communications. Craig joined NCIC after working for a well-known inmate telephone auditing firm and oversees the general Marketing and Business Development efforts of NCIC. Craig has a keen interest in the economics associated with inmate communications programs and enjoys working with correctional agencies to help foster an understanding of their inmate communications environments including rates, revenue and revenue-share back to the agency. Craig has assisted correctional agencies in identifying earned but unpaid commissions associated with their Inmate Communications Agreements to the tune of several million dollars, while simultaneously improving the communications environments in many communities, by making calling more affordable.


Established in 1995, NCIC Inmate Communications is the longest-running telecom carrier inmate in the telephone industry. Long before our competitors even thought about centralized, secure infrastructure, NCIC was providing telecom carrier services via a centralized VoIP platform in the U.S. and 55 other countries. The Inmate Call Engine, offered by NCIC, has been tested in the harshest prison environments in the world, making it the only world-class inmate telephone system. Amidst all the Federal Communications Commission and State regulatory upheaval in the inmate phone industry, NCIC’s foundation, conservative values, is increasingly realized within the governing sector, both from the regulator and facility administration point of view. NCIC understands your budgets are limited, so our goal is to give you the right tools to maximize your staff time while increasing the security of your inmate communications system. We always provide the right tool for the right need, helping you work smarter and not harder.