Beyond Strategic Planning: Creating a Community Crime Control Plan for Your Agency

January 14, 2020
3:00pm - 4:00pm

Too many times police strategic plans are not implemented because they are not tied to the budget and they have limited community support. The police alone cannot make a community safe.  The community and police need to work together to address the key critical issues that impact public safety.

The Community Crime Control Planning process is a community first approach to strategic planning.  It calls for extensive community input on developing strategic crime control goals that will impact public safety.  The webinar covers project mobilization, development of measurable goals, and creation of a community steering committee.

Development of a Community Crime Control Plan allows a police agency to build a business plan and budget proposal that will support the strategic crime controls to which the community has expressed commitment.

After the webinar, participants will have access to the Crime Control Handbook which describes the steps in the Crime Control Planning process and provides examples of materials from cities that have gone through the process.