Authority without Arrest: Resolving Conflict and Gaining Compliance in Campus Policing

May 10, 2022
1:00pm - 2:15pm

Campus police and security serve and protect thousands of college and university students across the country. They enforce campus rules, investigate crimes, and ultimately keep students safe and accountable. While many campus officers are armed in case of extreme danger, few have the power to arrest. Their authority is fortified through communication and trust. In an age where law enforcement is viewed skeptically, especially among young people, strengthening skills in conflict resolution and communication is essential. In this hour, we will discuss the conflict officers encounter on campus and key skills from Insight Policing: Conflict Resolution for Law Enforcement that use communication, discovery, and critical thinking to work through challenging encounters for effective results.


Alex Lucero, Assistant Director of Campus Safety and Security at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona. Retired police officer with several years instructing at Northern Arizona Regional Training Academy. Adjunct associate professor teaching criminal justice courses such as Terrorism, Forensic Science, and Global Crime at Yavapai Community College, in Prescott Arizona

Campus Police need the skills to de-escalate an incident to minimize harm to everyone involved. This course uses communication, questioning tools and critical thinking to give officers the skills they need to make critical decisions and assess a situation. Using Insight Policing can help develop a safer more effective and confident officer.

Megan Price, Ph.D. is Founder and Director of the Center for Applied Insight Conflict Resolution (CAICR). She is an expert in the Insight approach to conflict analysis and resolution, which explains how conflict affects decision-making and how targeted curiosity can turn adversity into opportunity. Her research and practice focus on designing reliable, context-based solutions to conflict, from the interpersonal to the organizational to the social. Dr. Price specializes in Insight Policing: Conflict Resolution for Law Enforcement, which brings a conflict skill-set to challenging police-community interactions for effective problem-solving and trust-building. Dr. Price teaches Conflict Resolution at the Master’s level at George Mason University in Virginia and Royal Roads University in British Columbia.