Sheriffs: ‘Historic’ border crisis moving drugs and death into America

While the Biden administration is mostly hiding the illegal immigration surge from the public, the nation’s sheriffs have decided to open up their view to reporters to draw attention to the “historic crisis” that they say is pushing drugs and death deep into America.

In a move that challenges the administration’s selective release of video and photos and restrictions on the media, border sheriffs today said they are eager for reporters to see what their deputies are encountering in the new surge of about 1,000 illegal immigrants a day.

The effort is being led by the National Sheriffs’ Association.

“Media can bring their cameras, notebooks and microphones, and in the spirit of transparency, sheriffs will provide access to media to see the border firsthand, areas of half-built border wall and tour sheriff facilities and their communities,” said the association, adding, “Media will see firsthand the current challenges confronting border communities during this crisis.”