Eddy County Sheriff: President Trump supports law enforcement, protects American communities

As an American lawman, I put my life on the line for strangers, friends, and loved ones every single day. President Trump sees me and recognizes mine and so many other’s sacrifices. He puts his money where his mouth is and America is a better place because of it. 

In the midst of unprecedented verbal, legislative, and physical attacks on America’s law enforcement officers, President Donald Trump has stood firm on his support of our honorable profession and the daily sacrifices we make for our communities.

Following years of neglect and outright contempt, this support has been refreshing and encouraging. President Trump has managed to balance his staunch backing of American law enforcement with a critical eye on needed areas of reform in modern law enforcement. 

I was fortunate enough to sit in the same room with the President for a brutally raw and honest discussion with families of young men who lost their lives in encounters with law enforcement. It was emotional and sobering yet the President and Attorney General William Barr listened to each story, spoke with the families individually, and offered assistance and support where appropriate. After that I was honored to stand behind President Trump as he signed an Executive Order calling for law enforcement agencies to adopt several best practices that will assist us in serving our communities more efficiently and safely.