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Conference on Correction Officer Wellness

October 29, 2012


Monday, October 29, 2012 in Lowell, Massachusetts. 
The National Sheriffs' Association along with the Middlesex Sheriff's Office is pleased to announce this joint collaboration on a vital issue effecting Sheriff's offices across the country.
Corrections officers have an incredibly demanding job that can affect their lives as well as those of their families. We have all witnessed firsthand too many times the fatigue that is caused by the work these men and women do. We feel strongly that more attention and research should be focused on providing effective mental health and wellness programs.
We are bringing leaders from across the country to Massachusetts for a one day seminar to examine ways we can improve correction officer mental health and wellness. The goal of the conference is to increase awareness about this issue, discuss national best practices from around the country and begin to study the breadth of this problem nationwide.
The National Sheriffs' Association and the Middlesex Sheriff's Office look forward to co-hosting the 2012 Conference on Correction Officer Wellness, and we would be honored to have you and your staffs join us in the discussion of this important issue. It is our desire to include all interested individuals, including correction officers, human resources staff, employee assistance program contacts and mental health professionals.
Contact Meghan Lee in the Middlesex Sheriff's Office at 781-960-2826 should you have any questions.