Crime Prevention Patch

The National Sheriffs' Association is offering crime prevention patches to all sheriff's offices across the nation. These patches are given to area Boy Scout troops and Explorer Scout programs for their involvement in the crime prevention process.

In recognition of the Boy Scout Crime Prevention Merit Badge and the Crime Prevention Award, the National Sheriffs' Association Crime Prevention Patch can be given to young adults for their participation in law enforcement related issues. The Boy Scouts of America provide a way that law enforcement officers can take part in the Crime Prevention Program and allow youth to learn more about Sheriff's Office functions in the community.

The idea for this comprehensive crime prevention program originated with Sheriff David Bateman of Utah County, Utah. Sheriff Bateman introduced this concept to the Crime Prevention Committtee in 1993. With the help of many individuals, the program was developed and announced. Since the program's beginning, many Sheriffs have taken the initiative to make the program successful.

Sheriff Stanley Glanz of Tulsa County, Oklahoma, while chairman of the NSA Crime Prevention Committee, introduced the patch and has been very involved in the crime prevention program. Sheriff Glanz and his deputies have participated in various crimeprevention activities to involve the youth of Tulsa County. They have a constant relationship with the Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, and Explorer Scouts. This gives them the opportunity to help young adults learn about different ways to prevent crime, and about law enforcement functions.

The National Sheriffs' Association patch may be worn by Boy Scouts to indicate that they have worked with the Sheriff's Office toward the goal of obtaining the Crime Prevention Merit Badge or the Crime Prevention Award.


Requirements to obtain a National Sheriffs' Association Crime Prevention Patch:

  1. Discuss with your counselor
    1. The role of the Sheriff's Office or Police Department in crime prevention.
    2. The role of citizens, including youth, in crime prevention.
    3. The nature of criminal gangs and their impact.
    4. When and how to report criminal activity.
    5. The role and value of laws in society.
    6. Visit a jail or detention facility. Discuss your experience with your counselor.
  2. Complete the requirements for Boy Scouts of America Crime Prevention Award, and then visit the Sheriff's Office to earn your National Sheriffs' Association Crime Prevention Patch.

How to order the National Sheriffs' Association Crime Prevention Patch
Patches are $2.00 each.
Send your order to:
National Sheriffs' Association
1450 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
For questions
Call 800-424-7827
Fax 703-519-8567

If you are interested in becoming more involved with the youth in your community and young adults involved in scouting, please send your order in today.
Addressing crime prevention through families is one of the most effective ways to combat crime. The Crime Prevention Program assists in providing a positive model through personal efforts to work with community and neighborhood groups in their efforts to prevent crime. Visible participation from concerned citizens has a very powerful influence on others.