Endorsed Corporate Partners

NSA is proud to grant our endorsement of the following products


BI2 Technologies

488 State Road, Suite 1
Plymouth, MA 02360

Products: The Child Project™, Senior Safety Net™, Inmate Recognition & Identification System™ (IRIS), Sex Offender Registry & Identification System™, The Mobile Offender Recognition & Information System

The Child Project™: A standalone system designed to capture identification information, a digital photo, and a digital representation of the subject's iris for submission to a secure web-based nation-wide network and registry that enables Sheriff's Offices and social service agencies to enroll, locate, and positively identify missing children that have been enrolled in the system.

Senior Safety Net™: A standalone system designed to capture identification information, a digital photo, and a digital representation of the subject's iris for submission to a secure web-based nation-wide network and registry that enables Sheriff's Offices, nursing homes, and social service agencies to enroll, locate, and positively identify missing adults that have been enrolled in the system.

Inmate Recognition & Identification System™ (IRIS): A system designed to capture identification information, a digital photo, a digital representation of the subject's iris, and voluminous information regarding the subject's arrest, charges, and sentencing information, for submission to a secure web-based nation-wide network and registry. 

Sex Offender Registry & Identification System™: A system designed to capture identification information, a digital photo, and a digital representation of the subject's iris for submission to a secure web-based nation-wide network and registry.  The system allows Sheriff's Offices to enroll or update sex offender records in the nation-wide SORIS registry at the same time they are being enrolled or updated in the local State Sex Offender Registry.

The Mobile Offender Recognition & Information System: a hand-held device that permits field officers to compare a digital representation of an unidentified subject's iris with data contained in the IRIS database to obtain positive identification of the subject.  



Lisle Business Center
2150 Western Court, Suite 360
Lisle, IL 60532

Cellsense Detects Cell Phones & Other Contraband

Cellsense is the highly portable and efficient detector of all cell phones, even those switched off or concealed in a body cavity.  Faster than a hand wand, Cellsense screens up to 40 inmates per minute in a single walk-by.  Cellsense also detects other contraband like knives, blades, and lighters.  Get ahead in your fight against inmate contraband with Cellsense.
  • Restrict Illicit cell phone and contraband smuggled by inmates, visitors & staff
  • Free-standing Unit  ideal for mobile deployment
  • Wall-mounted Unit or Dual Units, fast screening of entryways, visitor and staff areas
Deployment Capabilities:
  • Full body scan with a single walk-by
  • Scans up to 40 inmates per minute
  • Electric or battery power for 16 hours
  • Behind walls or doors for covert scanning
  • For use around metal objects such as doorways without interference
  • Screens laundry, bedding, mail or incoming goods



6900 Wedgwood Rd. N.
Suite 440
Maple Grove, MN  55311
(855) 777-RFID (7343) 
Product: Guardian RFID® Corrections System – Radio-frequency identification (RFID) Offender Management Software for Correctional Facilities

GUARDIAN RFID is the global leader in Inmate Management Systems + Solutions built exclusively around radio-frequency identification (RFID) + Cloud + Mobile technologies.  Exclusively endorsed by the National Sheriffs' Association since 2008, GUARDIAN RFID delivers innovative solutions that help automate a wide range of correctional workflows and reporting needs in real-time to maximize defensibility, productivity, and compliance. For information about GUARDIAN RFID, visit www.guardianrfid.com.


Fight Crime: Invest in Kids

1212 New York Avenue NW, Suite 300
Washington, DC  20005

America must cut the pipeline that funnels young people into lives of crime and violence. We take a hard-nosed look at research on what keeps kids from becoming criminals and put that information in the hands of policy-makers and the public.


Prepared Response, Inc.

Rapid Responder
600 University St., Suite 1525
Seattle WA, 98101
206.223.5544 office
Product: Rapid Responder – Critical Infrastructure Mapping for Schools
During a crisis, instant access to site-specific information is essential to protecting lives and property. RapidResponder was developed by public safety professionals and has proven its worth to police and fire departments around the country. From collaborating with responders before disaster strikes, to quickly locating emergency plans in the midst of a crisis, to managing the aftermath.


SafeAssured Community Solutions

7575 Bombardier Court, Suite 300
Wausau, Wisconsin  54401
Product: SafeAssured ID – Child ID on CD

SafeAssured ID is a turnkey family safety program.  It is affordable, easy to use, and a great fit for any organization or business looking to give back to the community. You can provide families with the most comprehensive personal ID in the country: a mini-CD, digital finger prints, photo data card, video, and a prevention tips guide (written in conjuction with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children). SafeAssured ID is proud to offer a $2,000 discount on the purchase of a SafeAssured ID system to NSA members.



1375 Willow Lake Blvd. #103
Vadnais Heights, MN, 55110
877-206-5800 x15
Product: Cordless Outdoor Video Alarm System

Videofied is a cordless outdoor video alarm system – instant portable video security for remote sites including anhydrous tanks, utility substations, vacant property, fenced lots and parked vehicles.  Wireless video alarm detects intruders and immediately sends a 10-second clip of the actual event over the cell network enabling immediate response for more arrests. The cordless system operates outdoors in harsh environments (-20 F to +140F) for up to four years on one set of batteries.  Videofied security systems are being used by sheriffs to protect remote assets on a budget.  A single system can include up to 24 portable MotionViewers (motion detector with an integrated night vision camera) for large scale protection.  This affordable system, because it is totally wireless, can be deployed and redeployed as needed for instant action resolving problem crimes.


Flint Loc

Product: Flint Loc Pump Alarm System
Flint Loc is know around the country as the original and premier alarm system for the petroleum industry. When there is intrusion into a dispenser, the Flint Loc alarm system will immediately shut down the power to that dispenser. The thief has no way of stealing any fuel or placing a skimmer inside the dispenser without the knowledge of the owner.
As Flint Loc's National Sales Manager, David Jacobs, notes, "The Flint Loc alram system, through our soft, patent pending method, immediately shuts  the power down, so the thief cannot steal anything form that dispenser. It has been reported through our customers that not only is there no more fuel being stolen on their sites, but  the thieves are fleeing once the alarm is set off. We have been able to protect the fuel ans the safety of employees and customers. The endorsement by the National Sheriffs' Association helps in adding to the efficiency of the Flint Loc pump alarm and stopping the theft of fuel."
Flint Loc is the leader in dispenser security with over 5,000 installs nationwide. Flint Loc was founded in 2006 and is patent pending and UL approved. Flint Loc has just added a secon dlayer of security by monitoring all activity and reporting to corporate any breaches in security at the dispenser.


Watch Systems

516 E Rutland St

Covington, LA 70433-3219

(888) 928-2412


Watch Systems services local, state and federal law enforcement agencies with products and supporting services relative to sex offender registry work.  With 19 years of proven activity, Watch Systems brings to market their premier program called OffenderWatch®. OffenderWatch® brings various levels of functionality to a nationwide network consisting of over 10,000 users that monitor 61% of the nation’s registered sex offenders.  OffenderWatch® is used by 3,500 local agencies in 35 states, including 15 statewide implementations and all 94 judicial districts of the US Marshals Service.

OffenderWatch® is the industry leading sex offender registration, monitoring and community notification program which helps registering and managing agencies meet statutory requirements, while supporting multi-jurisdictional information sharing and collaboration between local, regional, state and national partner agencies.  OffenderWatch® is supported by the most experienced team of professionals in the country, providing user support, mapping/geocoding support, training/retraining, best practices, and updates and enhancements to the software to provide increased functionality and statutory compliance.

OffenderWatch® is the proven technology partner and consultant to law enforcement, consistently delivering solutions that ensure compliance, increase efficiency and reduce IT costs, while helping to protect the public. With valuable collaboration from our national law enforcement network, OffenderWatch has become the industry-standard for sex offender registration, monitoring and community notification.