Sheriffs Unveil New Public Safety APP to Help Combat Terrorism

Last week, at the National Counterterrorism Conference, the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) announced the release of its updated BlackBox Digital Witness App, which includes a new anti-terrorism feature. The NSA, through its Neighborhood Watch program, is committed to making communities, across the country, safer by working with local law enforcement agencies to reduce crime and improve communities for those who live and work there.
The BlackBox Digital Witness APP- originally implemented in 2013 as a Neighborhood Watch tool to fight crime in our communities has a new feature to report suspicious activity related to terrorism. After the San Bernardino, California Shooting, NSA moved quickly to add this feature to help fight domestic terrorism. Like our current telephone crime tip lines, it is a powerful and effective app that the public can use to identify and report signs of terrorism to law enforcement. This feature was developed in coordination with The Department of Homeland Security and National Fusion Center Association and is not a substitute to calling 911 in emergencies. The APP can be downloaded on Google Play and on iTunes by searching BlackBox Digital Witness.
For questions, contact ICE BlackBox at (703) 436-5885 or visit the ICE BlackBox support website.